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Maybe some rocks rolling - that's because their hearts was stolen

May 10, 2017
Erja Lyytinen - Stolen Hearts

There are doubts in the soul, uncertainty about the future and Erja Lyytinen - Stolen Hearts feelings. We will try to understand, realize and accept that as well!
The title track Stolen Hearts immediately takes us to so romantic atmosphere, permeated with threads of sensual disappointments and a desire to perfect existing order.
The gloomy atmosphere around the Rocking Chair thickens with more dense guitar riffs, alternating with clear vocal phrases.
Calm charm of gentle Love Laboratory ballad envelops with quiet waves of so bright hope, romantic waves splashing in bright sunlight flashes.
Quiet, mysterious and calm vocal phrases wrap around the veil of dreamy meditation in the 24 Angels introduction. Then they are painted with emotional shades, complemented by guitar moves and wrapped up in armor of guitar delights.
Rhythmic, confident procession of Black Ocean story, subordinates the inevitability and ineradicability of its rigid framework, only supplementde with the remote, exquisite keyboards passages.
Sad melancholy returns with Slowly Burning, enveloping in soft vocal phrases and restrained guitar riffs romantic sound image.
After a thoughtful and restrained ballad Lover's Novels brings a bit of enthusiastic drive, notes of encouraging joy and the dreams that comes true.
In the Silver Stones introduction music returns to the lofty, pensive in armor of wise experience instructions to friends, continuing then in a thoughtful, unifying thought and inspiration.
In the inspiring ballad Awakening, promising motives come to the forefront, creating confidence that in the future it will be better, only better, always better!
Thoughts fly away from the clouds, climbing into castles from clouds and ghostly structures of City Of Angels. They are closer to the sun, bathed in its rays and only imagination can embody and depict their angelic charm.
Combining the sadness, hope and desire to feel the improvement of the surrounding circumstances, the ballad Broken Eyes completes with its calm, balanced, inspired musical image the whole album.