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Be the Lord of your order - otherwise you must retreat

May 09, 2017
Vorlon - False Sense Of Security

The usual surroundings, everyday activities and traditional order inspires Vorlon - False Sense Of Security , but that isn't alyas true - the creatures of darkness are hidden in shadows, avoiding attention and hiding from the light.!
The noise of heavy rain, thunder beats accompanies the calm sensual melody in its unhurried development. Then the New Beginning introduction ends with a powerful energetic drive, developing and weighting the sound of this melody, that becomes the leitmotif of persistent growling of vocal phrases supporting music.
The next fairy tale begins with a thoughtful, symphonic melody, combining guitars, violins and wind instruments in the charm of their sound. Then, Terror complements the sound with the viscous vortices of the guitar riffs and drains the waves of gloomy furious power in a dense, viscid, leisurely, submissive and stubborn march. The melancholy sadness spreads in medieval bard crying, recollecting dark times and mores in the sad melancholy of a melancholy melody, again and again enveloping the gloomy fog of lost dreams. Then Dark Times embraces with the fancies of darkness and envelops in waves of impenetrable darkness, to hide from which is impossible and unrealistic.
Gentle vocal delights the fairies, add up to a lyrical romance of transcendental experience, combined in a fabulous extravaganza of bright mystical motifs. Then The Loathing space is paid off by demonic screams, combining with a violent and quick-tempered musical drive that carries any obstacles in its way.
Clearing Of The Fog completes the album, without any delay, taking out weapons, spells and scrolls of knowledge to fight against dark forces, in the name of noble good and righteous decency. Militantly lining up for the final battle, are not broken in the final standings.