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Enemy forces defeated? You've dismissed!

May 11, 2017
Skinlepsy - Dissolved

You need to concentrate, collect all the forces, since someone has thought of perceiving you as Skinlepsy - Dissolved !
After a brief preparation in an intriguing Perfect Plan introduction, the unrestrained power of mid-tempo drive carries away in a whirlwind of violent musical unrest enveloping the severe phrases of harsh vocals.
The Mentor slightly increases the pace of his instructions during the instrumental breaks, toughening the rhythm within the vocal parts.
Mysterious riffs and vocal riddles are combined in a continuous dispute, they demands to Ask To Diablo to make decision between its doubts.
Assertive, exciting, addictive melody sweeps through the The Hate Remains The Same as leitmotif, transforming into a melodized essence in instrumental turns, supplemented by confident and demanding vocal phrases.
Fast, frisky, pushy drive of Caustic Honor plunges into a violent and frenzied dance, rushing from side to side.
Title track Dissolved starts with the drumsolo, Then firmly and confidently dissolving into oblivion any opposition to his confident progress. In the chorus, the melodic guitar riff comes to the fore, after which the furious rush returns again.
Blood And Oil incredibly, furiously and recalcitrantly tightens the rhythm and hardens the sound, shattering any uncertainty and all doubts. But in the instrumental part there comes a certain respite, softening the fierce threshing.
Guitar solo comes to the forefront in a brief instrumental Insomnia story. A New Chance Of Life flies away in an uncontrollable impetuous drive, uncontrollably mixing up the guitar turns, drawing away to an unknown goal in the future. Finishes the album in a fast, frenzied drive, accentuating the title Murder in the choruses.