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The universe will resist

September 13, 2019
Sinful - Crucify the Universe

Electronic motifs of modern music appeal to notes of oriental folklore, however Mein Krieg vocals phrases harden the narrative and intertwine the fury of metallic demonism with echoes of popular music. The interweaving of Russian-language screaming with unclear growling erects significant banners of the composition, that continues the Sinful - Crucify the Universe album.
The interweaving of screaming and growling, together with the bewitching symphony of the Non Progredi Est Regredi, Et Reditum Aeternalem compositions, carries you to listening.
Exploding with a thoughtful drive, Pacta Sund Servandabrings musical passages to the forefront of the musical image, but vocal experiences, alternating screaming and growling, are arguing for the lead.
Returning again to the Russian-language lyrics, Ledyanaya Kolybel begins with thoughtful instrumental acoustic moves, then pumping up the tempo and drive and appealing to the vocal interweaving of screaming and growling.
Rising from the obscurity of past musical styles, Crucify the Universe is transformed, raising its pitch above the forgotten halls. But One Day the Truth Will Definitely Outreturns to symphonic grandeur, squeezing a sparkling perception of the underlying motive. The ringing of bells, the soldiers are going to war .... further in Para Bellum gloomy musical image, the interweaving of screaming and growling reigns supreme. The End Is Just the Beginning concludes the album with the dominance of vocal narration.