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Mankind seeks to find the fault of their troubles

August 07, 2019
 Ruins Of The Past - Alchemy of Sorrow: Gold

Thoughtful and soft acoustic chime of the Prelude guitar strings precedes the further development of the musical canvas. Then, the Gold song divides the title track in two, first summing up the Ruins Of The Past - Alchemy of Sorrow: Gold album's musical narration, twilightly reflecting the dark sacrament, raising the care and greed at the forefront of human sins, raising an idol from the material greatness of gold.
Majestically mesmerizes the main motive in the Rust introduction, then the pulsating intrigue arises lattices of intriguing alarm, then the vocals return to the triumph of the dark anthem, deeply and meaningfully proclaiming the grandeur of gloomy and ancient scrolls and unforgettable charms.
Inspiringly and majestically revealing the covers of the main motive in the introduction, The Bitter Chalice then rolls the bewitching canvas of the music track, inspiring the bewitching melody of the solemn anthem. The initial part of the title of the musical artwork Alchemy of Sorrow completes the musical essence of the album, enveloping the procession of vocal phrases with the gloomy grandeur of the funeral symphony as a burdensome shroud of sad memories.