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They will fight with the unknown forever and ever

August 06, 2019
 Twisted Tower Dire - Wars In The Unknown

A mysterious thunder and an intriguing signs The Thundering developing into a stream of musical triumph that saddles vocal phrases, starting the Twisted Tower Dire - Wars In The Unknown album, appealing to inspired colleagues in the chorus. Drum roll appeals to the fighting spirit, then the main motive of musical asajas is intertwined with the vocal part in the sound of the True North composition.
Driving in waves of drive, the music of the Tear You Apart song calls attention to the rotating carousel of the main motive, rotating the musical flows along the vocal part. Returning to the warlike mood and the fighting spirit, the sound of the Light The Swords On Fire song transforms the style of the album into an inspired narrative of valiant legends. And The Sharks Came Then continues the musical narrative with a dense stream of mid-tempo musical passages. Vocals gives them inspirational emotionality.
Weaving around the vocal reflections the lace of the main motive of Riding The Fortress composition sets the tone for reflection and choice of further adventures. The vocal narrative goes to the forefront of the musical image of the Eons Beyond song, inspiring with its symphonic phrases to further listen to the album.
Severity and significance envelops A Howl In The Wind vocals reflections with powerful vortexes, giving the album epic influences and some shades of a different style. The swiftness and unrestrained rhythms returns The Beast I Fear musical narrative to the usual streams of power metal music, but the vocals retains to an unbridled epic. These Ghosts Can Never Leave concludes the album with an inspired mid-tempo anthem, completing the mystery of summoning fighting spirits.