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Mankind is entangled in vices and diseases

March 28, 2020
Neaera - Neaera

The mysterious sacrament of the (Un)Drowned musical introduction begins the Neaera - Neaera album with the shades of intriguing mystery, exploded by the drive of the Catalyst hit musical thriller, captivating with the rampant rapid flow of music, enveloping the fiercely screaming of vocal phrases with an exciting musical canvas, occasionally supplementing the vocal part with growling phrases.
Combining a fascinating melody with a restrained drive in the introduction, False Shepherds then complements this impressive unity with a vortex of vocal combination, transforming the music with an inspired hymn, the axis of which surrounds a vortex of vocal phrases. Resurrection of Wrath continues the musical narrative of the rampant power of a furious thriller. But vocal phrases and instrumental bridges sometimes add a touch of thoughtfulness.
Combining the furious drive of verses with the solemn majesty of the choruses Carriers captivates with the unity of contrasts in the musical composition. The ripples of the Rid the Earth of the Human Virus mid-tempo march fascinate with a stubborn procession, lifting vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves. A round dance of the guitar solo of the Sunset of Mankind intro pierces the blade of a furious drive and emotional vocal phrases, ending with a unification of musical and vocal thoughts about the fate of the world.
Incredibly melodic guitar solo crowns the Lifeless main motive, captivating vocal phrases to follow the path laid by its sound. Enveloping an intriguing haze, the introduction again sets the direction for the development of Eruption in Reverse musical composition. Driving in the stern waves of a combat march, the Torchbearer vocals then calls for an acceleration of pace, then dancing in a plexus with musical passages. Deathless completes the album on the verge of a medium tempo and fast-paced action movie, combining vocal phrases and music riffs in a single captivating sound.