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This story is shrouded in a haze of mystery

March 29, 2020
Thybeaux - Thybeaux

The gloomy passages of The Scope introduction instill alarming forebodings, enveloping the beginning of Thybeaux - Thybeaux album's song, opening the gates of the musical tale with an atmosphere of unclear doubts, then complementing these signs with muffled conjectures of female vocals. Even more clouding the musical narration and giving it shades of eerie darkness, Under The Wig complements the vocal part with emotions, hardening the songs of the singing lady to a furious witch and complementing the main procession of the vocal part with some phrases of male growling. Across The Contours envelops the vocal part with echoes of futuristic stylistics, somewhat expanding the musical framework of the album, crowning these variations with the covers of distant romance.
Building the mesmerizing mysteriousness of the musical narrative on the unity and debate of male and female vocals, Beauty Machine relies on recitative in the vocal part. The Order envelops the nodule of vocal recitative with echoes of mystical mystery, complementing the vocal part with romantic tunes.
Raising the banners of alarming anticipations Strange creates the basis of a musical narrative for uniting the emotional tunes of female vocals and harsh additions with furious phrases of male growling, the conclusion of an angry growling brought by tapes of an impressive guitar solo with progressive shades of Black Lines musical variations to the foreground of the entry, then returning again to the emotional lady and combining male and female vocals in a chorus duet.
Dividing the musical composition into dilogy, Desolation Pt. I begins with a narrative of the soft and gentle mystery of romanticism, introducing sensual tunes of male vocals, scattering armor of growling. The atmosphere of the French chanson of the Desolation Pt. II instrumental romance charm captivates, continuing with the In Obedience proud procession, which begins a woman’s wok under the pulsating beats of a rhythmic march.
Continuing the musical narrative, the mesmerizing unity of such contrasting musical styles in the One Empty Shell single compositional space, this song is fascinating by the lengthy preparation for the development of the main motive rushing in the drive race. Prism concludes the album with a leisurely procession in mysterious conjectures, gently and gently weaving the lace of instrumental sacraments.