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Indescribable impressions after space wanderings

March 28, 2020
Spacelords - Spaceflowers

The guitar part leads into the far expanses of unclear thoughts, starting the musical narration of the Spacelords - Spaceflowers album with intense musical pressure. But then the keyboard variations envelop the musical essence of the title track with the mysterious mysteries of obscure riddles, weaving together expectations and perceptions, enchanting with artistic guesses. However, then the main motive of guitar riffs returns to a dominant role, however entwined with the mystery of the charm of keyboard symphonies. Before the final fragment of the composition, the guitars and the rhythm section bring some trends of restrained drive.
Guimingly, guitar solos and rhythm anticipated the furious buzzing of the vortices of the guitar solo, wrapping the axis of the Frau Kuhnkes Kosmos rhythmic pulsations with a swirl of angry musical mystery. Then the drums pulsate with accented steps, but with guitar and musical passages intertwine in a lace of progressive obscurity, anticipating unexpected variations in the development of musical essence. Keeping the complexity and progressive unexpectedness of musical passages, Cosmic Trip ends this album - as if in distant cosmos and from the past bards revived with their sagas telling about heroes and their exploits, about wanderings and travels, about victories and defeats. Well, let instead of swords, spears and shields - there are blasters, rays and force fields. However, the mood remains the same.