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Malum in se - sins denied for all!

September 14, 2016
Kvalvaag - Malum

That inevitable has everyone - the set of Kvalvaag - Malum can't be counted at all!
Quiet calm keyboards motifs are starting to narrative fairy tale De Underjordiske, passing as ghostly theme in grim oppressive atmosphere, thickening around vicious vocal story - which binds the mind with fetters of contemplation.
Mystical theme pounce without hesitation, Feigdefugl flying on the wings of a comprehensive aggression, described the sudden fury. Then, satisfied with a brief respite from the lyrical ringing keyboards notes - to accumulate the energy and power for the next gust with battle horns!
Ancient legends sparks from the mysterious fairy tunes at intro of the I Mulm Og Morke, then fills with embittered resentment of forgotten ancient customs. Drakkar of memories carries on elusive waves of dead souls river through the realm of the dead to meet the legends. Mysterious melodies sounds on the background, combining clean vocals with demonic screams.
Title track Malum begins with aspirated methodical introduction, mournful howling guitars mixed with ornament drumming, adjusts to a new order. Then the screaming vocal lines strung on the rod of the composition structure, melody guitar riffs soar around it, creating a dense tangible sheath of the musical palette. Monologue of clean vocals from afar complements fabulous outline with its stringy phrases from time to time. This is followed by a quiet respite, regenerating the ancient legends by its rare sounds. But the rod is not hidden, ancient theme only building up its strength until the end.
Volverite folklor ancient tune, surrounded by guard squad of fast riffs, not encountered any obstacles on its way, carries us away with them in the space of ghostly legends of the mysteries of natural elements.
North wind are born in the cold, gaining experience and strength, become powerful storms and rampant blizzards, they are waiting for the time when Naar Solen Blekner Bort to express all the accumulated and unsolved, enslave surrounding together with the forces of darkness and wicked black spirits, ghosts hovering in the shades waiting for their omens.
Viscous shackles of expectations conceal movements, but increases the desire for change, it grows from the seed of the ancient resentment. Then the tale Gandferd pours a stream of tales and legends of witches and warlocks, circling their evil dance around the darkest nodes to concentrate their energy and create a dark gloomy rituals of black magic. The concentration of dark energy in furious combination of keyboards and guitar music completes this album...with gust of howling wind.