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There are a lot of ways to attract the attention

September 15, 2016
Dead Daisies - Make Some Noise

The neighbors often bothers by scandals, quarrels and nasty music? Dead Daisies - Make Some Noise to fix them!
Preparation and entry pulling a moment to unleash the power of the sound wave in a comprehensive impact - you should feel that have to Long Way To Go. No more love and hate, no more time to waste - will be a long-long way to go!
Powerful blows hammering rhythm of intro to the mind, and then We All Fall Down tells it tune to all of us in the hard blues style.
The solos and rhythm guitar riffs ornate, resonate and compete with each other, intertwining in a marvelous sound picture of Song And A Prayer, which preaches us a fickle existence - that needs to surpass, overpower and subdue!
Guitar riffs fly wildly, singing strives to keep up Mainline with them, rhythmically endure his sentence on the background of fast-paced guitar melodies.
The title track Make Some Noise begins a rhythmic march, driving the powerful blows of his music - demanding to make some noise, and louder! more louder!
Optimistically begins the story about Fortunate Son, continues in the same manner - inspiring to reject sadness and pessimism. The sky is blue, grass is green, the sun is clear and not clouded in the rays of its light.
Weaving gloomy and oppressive atmosphere of the main riffs, Last Time I Saw The Sun solo guitar riffs and upbeat vocals not allowes to delve into the soul-searching - there's no time for that case, the sun will not wait for more!
Thick sound brightly flows in heavy traffic of Mine All Mine. In the other case has neither the time nor the motivation to deal with them - first mine, then mine again!
Tight riff rhythm guitar fills solid cement foundation on which thoughts and vocal solos build their order to ask "How Does It Feel there"?
Freedom demands for themselves, not agreeing with the secondary role - breaking to everyone's attention. Freedom - that's it!
Clear rhythm indicates how tired and disgusted, that All The Same! The mid-tempo, emphasizing the sound in the clear rhythms and harsh vocal phrase track carries us closer to understanding - everything should be changed!
Loneliness weakens, breaks down the body and soul, every instrument of music is original, but only a part of the sound palette - so vocals requires to Join Together with the band! That's cover-version of the legendary band, The Who!