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Magic and incredible charms are subject to our thoughts

December 21, 2018
Hadal Maw - Charlatan

Immediately exploding in a stream of fierce drive Idolatry then envelops with fascinating fabulous melodies, alternating in wondrous waltzes and enveloping intriguing illusions with mysterious haze, the naive epic narration of the Hadal Maw - Charlatan concept album. Then the thoughtful, muffled whisper of clean vocals brings even more mystery into the compositional musical image.
The musical picture is transformed, enveloping with a gloomy haze of so viscous and unhurried Vilified ballad that rolls romanticism, displaying pensive guitar solos in instrumental bridges, bringing sophisticated reflections. The vocals harden the sound, giving it shades of austere solemnity and a majestic anthem.
White Elephant intro rolls gloomy waves, twisted around vocal phrases obscure ghostly haze, intriguing further development of the composition. But Song remains mid-tempo, volatile and dense. The vocal is transformed, complementing the severe growling with emotional screaming first, then creating an epic background in the chorus with chorals of a clean style.
Convulsive sobs complete the composition, anticipating the introduction of the title, divided into 2 parts: first Charlatan I: The Grand Serpent like a funeral march, envelops the surrounding space with a grim solemnity of the entrance, but the vocal entrance changes the sound, giving the gloomy melody a hue of drive passages. The stylistic offshoots of this composition should be attributed to the alternation of doom metal with hints of swiftness, transforming both music and vocals, but the guitar solo in the instrumental part introduces the spirit of sophisticated romanticism. Concluding with the melodious romanticism of a guitar solo, Charlatan II: Fervent Beasts completes the title track and the entire album with brooding passages in which growling majestically and solemnly rolls the musical canvas, occasionally exploding with a swift drive that surrounds the screaming phrases.