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The tale of sunny times always leaves shadows

December 22, 2018
Fabulae Dramatis - Solar Time's Fable

Rage, power, growling vocals and drive brings severity and fury into the opening of the Agni's Dynasty (Fire I) song, then the vocals give way to emotional phrases of clean style, but the harsh drive returns again alternating with clean vocals. Then the female vocals bring in the notes of romance and music is complemented by the trends of modern musical concepts, reflecting the incredible diversity of the Fabulae Dramatis - Solar Time's Fable album.
Inspirational and epic musical intro suggests the Stone magnificent saga, but then the vocals alternate male and female alternately, with different styles and genres, in some way distracting from the development of the musical image.
After confidently marching, the Heresy (Steel) music rushes in a complex progressive search, weaving the operatic performances of female vocals with a romantic symphony against the background with jerky reflections of male vocals vying with the difficulty of searching with musical passages.
Female vocals begins the Sati (Fire II) composition with romantic reflections and a marvelous ballad, then stern growling brings in the trends of the "beauty and the beast" genre branch, but claen male vocals bring in the influence of the doom metal and progressive musical trends.
Beginning with a soft and gentle ballad in the introduction Sirius Wind complements the sound with jazz hues and charming passages of the saxophone, then retreating before the dominance of the female vocal, but returning to the front edge of the musical image in the instrumental part.
Intriguing chants of female vocals intertwine with the harsh and tough male growling, then the Coatlicue Serpent Skirt (Earth) vocal cocktail is diluted with screaming add-ons. Nok Terracottas (Mud) continues the album with romantic chants of female vocals, shrouded in thoughtful accompaniment, complementing female vocal phrases with enchanting passages of cello, acoustic guitar and orchestral symphonies.
The acoustic instrumental ballad Forest anticipates the further development of the album, introducing the trends of Oriental folklore - like a sprig of opal sakura nearby, continuing with the interweaving of Japanese motifs with the manifestation of the obvious influence of French chanson with spanish lyrics in the Roble Para El Corazon (Wood) song. Smoke For The Clouds (Ahuiran's Water) removes other trends, creating an atmosphere of an epic tale, enveloping dreamy vocal phrases of a pacifying musical symphony, alternating thoughtful reflections of male vocals with romantic tunes of women’s. A majestic Barren (Gravel) ballad, interlacing solemn unhurried musical passages with inspired vocal phrases, completes the album with the triumph of symphony and melody.