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Love means suffering

May 16, 2022
Ruins of Perception - Bonds

Acting as an introduction to the musical narrative of the veil of bad weather, the Silence track anticipates the musical development of the title track of the Ruins of Perception - Bonds album, billowing with a whirlwind of rapid musical passages crowned with significant vocal phrases, then weaving together enchanting musical lace.
The To Love Means To Bleed music rolls in waves of impenetrable anxiety, then weaving vocal reflections with veils of twilight romance.
The Flower Of Life music weaves vocals love of freedom with sparkling shackles of guitar riffs, the cat then pierces a whirlwind of vocals confessions and the Oblivion solemn mystery of charming artistry.
Drumming lays the foundation for the musical palette of the Inner Drowning musical track, then topped with the alternation of screaming, growling and recitative in the vocal part, bringing the vocal part to the foreground of the sound of the Chosen Ones song in anticipation of the bright sparkling and epic sound of the Dragonhearts final composition of the album.