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The letters from darkness

May 16, 2022
Leader Of Down -  The Screwtape Letters

Swiftly, energetically and unrestrained, the Cat's Eye Night composition soars musical Leader Of Down - The Screwtape Letters album whirlwinds, anticipating the rolling and energetic ripples of the drive Holloway Motel song. The Hitman musical story rolls its waves, sparkling with a vocals charm.
The Screwtape Letters title track weaves music and vocals in a single whirlwind of frenzy, sparkles, showing the way for the development of the musical passages of the Dodging The Landlord song, retreating before the pensiveness of vocal reflection. The Here's Johnny unrestrained musical dance brings the eternal spirit of rock'n'roll with the unity of music and vocals.
Rhythmically, assertively and brightly, the Let Them Know Your Name composition envelops the listener with spicy covers of bright southern passages, anticipating the Whiskey Preacher confession of the regular saloon visiter.
Thrusting with an unyielding sound, the You Might song calls for readiness for the coming battles, crowned the Midnight In London composition with a sparkling veils.