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Tomorrow never comes

May 16, 2022
Terror Society - There's No Tomorrow

Gunshots, explosions, screams of pain and despair twist the intro knot of the Scream Of Pain instrumental composition, raising the banners of the sound of the Terror Society - There's No Tomorrow album, continuing with a frantic A New Hope musical thriller with notes of anxiety and worry.
Once again, sirens, wails, and premonitions of distress culminate in a bombshell and the frenzy of a guitar solo, which then saddles the Powerful Killer vocals narrative, but the sparkling epic guitar solo picture brings the charm of the ancient knightly sagas to the twilight sound of the Black Mirror composition, which is transformed by vocal transformations and vocals variations.
The drumbeat weaves the mesmerizing musical canvas of the Taking Revenge battle song, creating the foundation for a vocal diversity of screaming, growling and harsh. The World Crisis composition, after an intriguing pause, fascinates with the heartbeat of the bass guitar solo, then intertwined in dance with a guitar solo in the furious and driving frenzy of a musical thriller.
Rage, drive and guitar riffs in a swift hurry wrap around the reflections of the lady, creating a springboard for the ascension of the Innocent Souls musical fury, immediately soaring in the whirlwind of the rapid frenzy of the Lost Control composition and the bright guitar solo of the entry of the There's No Tomorrow title track of the album, confidently and assertively driving his step into the musical path.