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Lots of us gains significance only because of our absence

January 01, 2018
Last Moon's Dawn - Absence

Rustles, obscure phrases and obscure electronic Aura impulses begins the Last Moon's Dawn - Absence album immediately with the title track. The bright, stunning melody immediately pierces Absence with the storm of impressions, the vocals begin with a violent growling with notes of screaming, then the same style in a duet with clean vocals shades the melodic romanticism wraped in lyrical manner.
A thoughtful, calm beginning of Darken captivates the enchanting dreamy mood, which is accentuated by the entered pure vocal. The composition does not change its romantic mood of a sensual ballad to a frenzied drive, gently and thoughtfully developing its lyrical sound.
The motif of the previous song develops and presents so powerful, but still melodious composition All in Vain, enveloping growling vocals with more dense music with symphonic inclusions of keyboards passages.
The mysterious fog of an obscure, but so enchanting melody envelops the confused motives of Unborn / Undying / Unknown intro, a muffled whisper pathetically and gently interlacing. Then this melody revolts in a powerful, but romantic drive, supplementing the thoughtful vocals of the growling. Then the vocals skips forward romantic melodies and dreamy clean vocals, extolling the triumph of melodism, which marks a growling with a bright guitar solo.
The charming piano solo Trauma envelops the waves of peace, relaxing after previous trials before the coming battles. The Dissociation introduction completes the tender melody of the previous composition, developing its motifs and notes in the flickering sparks of a furious drive, adorned with gentle melodic passages of the instrumental ballad.
After reflections and romance, but preserving the melodism of the previous compositions, a furious drive of Ashes song takes from its path any obstacles. Vocal also complements the scream-groul with severe growling. But without gentle melodies in the instrumental part it does not do - these mysterious enchanting passages carry away, ending with yet another fierce spells.
The album closes with perhaps the most multi-valued composition The Awakening combining in its sound the features of all the compositions of the album. Here and soft ballad fragments, alternation of pure vocal, screaming and growling, powerful streams of furious drive. Perhaps if you listen to it first it will give you an incredible motivation to listen to the whole album!.