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Magic must be accepted and realized - otherwise it dissolves into nothingness

January 01, 2018
Saurom - La Magia de la Luna

Experienced performers sometimes do not want to break into new limits, strive to open new horizons and uncover unknown limits. This album Saurom - La Magia de la Luna represents a collection of milestones of the band's creativity, united together in single artwork.
This collection begins with a magical romantic instrumental ballad Numen, finally raising the level of symphonism to top level. Romantic folklore motifs appear in a bright fascinating light, the vocals are so soft and sensual that it flows like a medicinal potion on open wounds in Aquel Paseo Sin Retorno and Saloma songs where it sound even more gently.
Starting as thoughtful bardic ballad, the vocal and solo flutes brings to El Pozo de Aran music stream of energy and emotions.
In the composition, which, in view of the name, can be considered to have given rise to the album's title, Romance de la Luna, Luna female vocals dominates, enveloped in tender and caring instrumental delights.
Fair and festivities in our fabulous village envelop a fascinating festival of bright musical decisions, vocals in El Saltimbanqui with the stream of sincerity becomes somewhat harsher, musical passages crown this fun with their sparkling melodies.
In an incredible thoughtfulness, the Zulema romance sings its feelings and emotions, extolling them above all material things, uprising thoughts and emotions over the clouds.
The main motive pierces with its unforgettable melody the whole Suenos Perdidos composition, the vocal dominates in the verses, hanging in a single musical tunnels with bright instrumental passages in the chorus.
Fairy motifs, tapping spoons, ringing samovars and joyful vocal passages are combined in a fascinating folkloric legend Musico de Calle.
Soft and mysterious romantic Vida motifs envelops the tender phrases of the singing lady, the flute and the guitar are clothed in the sparkling robes of their accompaniment. Then all this charm somewhat accelerates the pace, hastily carrying its majestic melodies and tunes through ages and spaces.
Waves of thoughtfulness envelops La Isla de los Hombres Solos with the covers of loneliness, the doom and hopelessness of the current state, when the spirit and thoughts are carried away, trying to free themselves from the ordinary shackles that keep in disgusted constant renunciation from ideas, thoughts and experiences.
Instrumental saga Cosmos, the background of which serves rain at first, then the silence of the natural expanses completes the album meaningfully and sensually.