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Developing knowledge of dark magic

November 26, 2021
Persuader -  Necromancy

The bright and brooding guitar solo of The Curse Unbound intro concludes with a whirlwind of musical swiftness, then somewhat tempered by vocal emotionality, bringing epic tones of ancient legends to the intro of the Persuader - Necromancy album.
Fierce sounding musical variations, the Scars composition develops the main motif in a combination of dense drive and melodic solutions of musical motifs. The vocal intro transforms the sound into a mesmerizing march and precedes the introduction of the triumphant anthem of the chorus with progressive musical solutions.
Entering with a gothic symphony, the Raise the Dead song speeds up with the introduction of the vocals to a whirlwind of musical swiftness, with the introduction of the vocals enchanting with a mesmerizing musical unity of melody and drive, that continues in the sound of the Reign in Darkness composition.
After the musical preparation in the introduction, the Hells Command song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the sound with exciting motifs of instrumental bridges and the symphonic charm of the instrumental part. The Gateways composition continues the musical motifs of the previous track, giving them an even more epic tone. The Infernal Fires 7th song completes the album with its most diverse, wide-format and various fragment, which is embodied by the duration of the sound.