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Lord - who do you think deserve to be sacrificed?

February 06, 2018
Arcanorum Astrum - The Great One

Unclear noise, a grinding noise and a searing musical fog of Initiatio are preceded by muffled phrases of the priest, singing mysterious mantras, combined in a ritual of initiating the elect into unattainable knowledge embodied in the Arcanorum Astrum - The Great One album.
Passed initiation takes the drive flow of violent musical passages, sparkling with magical sparks. Then the keyboards spells charm the rest of the musical images, the violent guitar riffs carry them to further tests. Architect builds a structure of magic mysteries and uncharted spells in fascinating musical whirlwinds, after delusions, summoning a demon that broadcasts a deep growling, around which an adept with muffled choruses appears from the shadows.
Vague voices are woven in an intriguing haze, completing the Tide of Plague introduction as swirl of the guitar riffs, which then serves as the basis for the vocal duo's debate and bright and sparkling guitar and keyboard passages.
Electronic impulses are combined in shades of coming Mind Transformation changes, anticipating a pulsating drive and severe screaming, demanding and persistently promoting their claims, not accepting refusals - in view of aversion, whipping up a violent whirlwind, supplementing musical and vocal emotions with deep growling phrases.
Hot scorching winds are enveloped in the enchanting wind of an exciting leitmotif, combining in Asmodeus legend the delightful melody of symphonic charm and the fierce might of powerful sound.
In soft acoustic string motifs, the howling of the wind intertwines sadness and anticipation with the crows screaming, anticipating fierce Zikkurat power, over which the wonderful guitars and keyboards revelations hovers like a mystic haze. In the middle of the saga the sage tries to appeal to the master whom he tries to call to his glory in an alarming tremulous voice, but again the bright combination of melody and power returns, enveloped in the spicy charm of desert motifs.
The wonderful charming motif of the keyboard part dominates in the enchanting The Great One! introduction, further gaining power and speed, combining in an exciting composition together with the vocals, emotional screaming carrying to beyond the habitual shores to imaginary realm of illusions.
A stubborn, harsh, throbbing march with a significant growling of vocals, swirling like a melodic charm, is replaced with swift sharp streams of impetuous drive that carries the indisputable screaking of vocals to the desired Gates of Blood quest.
In the mysterious haze, the dark enchantments envelop the muffled phrases with the dark fog of the shackling atmosphere, in a pensive Invocation ballad anticipating the next song Forgive My Longing, Satan!, in the romantic mystery of bright motives combining the proud valiant might and the sensual charm of melodic motifs.
Gods, demons, summoned spirits - but there are legends that will not be alien to pay, and always only decorates musical creations - Strength Beyond Strength (Requiem to Dimebag Darrell), Pantera cover pays tribute to the inspiration source of many of the musicians.