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Somewhere the grass is more green, the sky's more blue

February 06, 2018
Lazuli - Tant Que L'herbe Est Grasse

A pulsating Deraille introduction introduces a mystery and a mystery, then the vocal complements it with anticipations and hopes in a verse, in a chorus enveloping everything around a whirlwind of emotions and feelings, giving this ballad an exciting sound, starting the Lazuli - Tant Que L'herbe Est Grasse album brightly and unforgettably.
With a sublime and dreamy melody, the Une Pente Qu'on Devale vocals carry away from ordinary everyday spaces and customs, lyrically describing locks in the clouds and imaginary heroes.
Pensive playfulness begins Homo Sapiens song with a restrained and dreamy intro, then opens the music spaces with an exciting wave, linking several musical genres in an exciting melody.
In thoughtful meditations, discussing all the options and covering all the doubts with doubts, all the ideas Prisonniere D'une Cellule Male verse ends with an explosion of emotional vocal phrases and vortices of chorus musical passages, then repeating this sequence again.
Soft, soothing ballad Tristes Moities sounds like a lullaby, concealing uneasiness and calming any anxiety.
The epic story of so experienced wanderer L'essence Des Odyssees is composed in a charming bardic legend, enveloping in the invisible impressions of ancient legends embodied in the stories of many descendants in various hypostases.
Viscous and searing musical motifs bring the spicy Multicolere winds of the eastern deserts, enfolding mysterious deep musical secrets, from which the vocal in the chorus tends to escape with bright and restless passages in the choruses. A thoughtful bard broadcasts about his wanderings, calmly starting J'ai Trouve Ta Faille, then intriguing and sweeping the musical passages to a new level again and again completing brightly and majestically.
Smoothly entering Les Courants Ascendants completes the album with a combination of mysterious intriguing couplets and bright, sparkling emotions in the choruses.