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Hovering in the sky will be buried someday

February 07, 2018
Dead Sun - Soil's Kingdom

The Sufferer's intro immediately envelops an exciting melody, then the verse pushes these seductive spells of magical romance aside, but they will return after the bridge in a bright and unforgettable chorus ritual. It should be noted that this fusion of melodism with a proud and solemn power is embodied in one form or another in every song of Dead Sun - Soil's Kingdom album that sounds cohesive as single entity. That's great as for me!
Dreamy and lofty thoughts are combined in the Everfading Suns Never Die introduction, continuing with a stiff and viscous story, returning to aspirations and desires in the instrumental bridges and choruses.
The twilight mist of dark charms appears as the ghostly images from haze, vaguely glancing from side to side in a verse, solemnly and proudly marching in As We Wither romantic chorus, proudly and valiantly marching with the banner of a charming ronamce.
Developing the motives of the previous composition The Lure Of Sunken Citites proceeds with anxious urges, sparking doubts and hope. Sometimes the motif, arising in the introduction, bridges and choruses, brings hopeful aspirations over all.
Majestic grief continued by The Wasted Ones anxious fog, creeping in all directions with pressing motives, over which the fabled image of hope looms over the fiery wings.
Dead End Route main motive immediately subjugates the whole stream of musical thought, then the vocal is connected to this persistent and pressing march, in bridges the pulsating significance is supplemented by the thoughtful imaginations of the guitar passages, concluding with reflections of the choruses.
Somewhat changing musical stylistics 66sick dances in an unrestrained trash, the vocals become sharper and more cheeky. Fun evil spawn tolerate vanity vain!
Continuing the same style, even slightly easing it, Hell Inside arranges demonic dances in the mind, when the skull serves them as a dance floor.
Well, the disco of the hell fiends continues, Martyr is bringing a spicy atmosphere of oriental motifs, at an average pace approaching the completion of the album.