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Look into my eyes! Done - another statue, one more piece of stone

July 29, 2017
Paradise Lost - Medusa (Limited Edition)

In the Paradise Lost - Medusa (Limited Edition) album band returns to the origins, sources of their inspiration, demonstrating - that in the changes of music and sound they did not lose their self-worth and their own style.
The gothic atmosphere of gloomy despair creeps in with notes of the ghostly solo, braiding the world around with fetters of disappointment and hopelessness. But Fearless Sky hangs over this gloom, beginning to hang his legend with a confident, soft and restrained growling. Further into the vocal parts, enveloped in the dusky fog of dreamy romantic melodies, pure vocal intertwines, giving the song an emotional burst of dreams and reflections. The leitmotif does not leave a single moment of composition without its influence. After discussions and disputes with clear vocals and growling, the first completes the song with a wave of encouraging drive, but the last word growling leaves behind.
Drive and confidence span all around with Gods Of Ancient waves of power and confidence in ancient legends, twisting around as tangible vortexes of uncontrollable power. But with the introduction of the vocals the music shifts towards soft, confident melody, surrounding vocal phrases by detachments of an unshakable and invincible guard. In addition to the absence of clean vocals, the song continues the triumph of the main motive of the previous composition.
Starting thoughtfully, slowly, although powerfully with the introduction of the vocals From The Gallows increases the waves of furious drive, in bridges arranging melodic respites.
The branches twits in the fire, the wind howls around - this calls for a wave of viscous, viscous, gloomy music in the sound of The Longest Winter. In this twilight there are reflections of pure vocal, guitar parts try to oppose to them the buzzing of a piercing blizzard. Pure vocal uplifts the tonality, triggering the demonic phrases of the growling into the abyss of the frosty dusk. Completion of a long winter after a brief pause turns into the introduction of the title composition Medusa. The main motive from the very beginning subordinates all the sound to itself, shimmering with a bright and captivating component in a diverse composition, a dreamy ballad carrying us to ancient legends in which the myth is combined with reality - it is impossible to determine what is real from them, what is, on the contrary, fiction. After a thoughtful romance, thoughtful music is carried into the abyss of darkness, affirming the No Passage For The Dead from the gloomy abyss of the world of the dead into the world of the living.
Blood & Chaos increases the power of a wave of gloomy and furious drive, speeding up the pace. But the thoughtful phrases of pure vocal arrange respites, followed by the next unrestrained wave of rage and rabies. Completing the main part of the album, Until The Grave returns to the keynote of the artwork (manifested in the first tracks). This shows the experience and skill of the band - on one axis so many beads of musical ideas are strung together, complementing each other with the combination of their charms.
The mystical twilight of the imaginary reality Frozen Illusion (Bonus Track) starts the bonus part of the album, remembering the band's original work - as if returning all of us for 25 years in Lost Paradise times.
Shrines (Bonus Track), released in The Longest Winter EP returns to reverie, rethinking the meanings of worship and religion - the leisurely reflections of pure vocals on the essence of faith alternate with powerful grocings giving rise to the quintessence of confidence in one's own convictions.
Symbolic Virtue (Bonus Track) completes the bonus part and the album as a whole, combining the guitar riffs buzzing with a swarm of excited insects, giving way to soft and soft musical ideas and pensive pure vocals reflecting on the structure of the existing world - that is, so that there could be those that are still unavailable to invent.