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Don't doubt in our faith - we will sacrifice you for this!

July 30, 2017
Concrete Age - The Totem of the Great Snake (part 1)

Without delay and anticipation, Concrete Age - The Totem of the Great Snake (part 1) album starts with the title track Totem of the Great Snake, combining fast and energetic impulses with a mysterious melodic fog. Vocal parts only exacerbate the mystery of sound, bright brass guitars appear in the breeches, vocal combines pure, harsh and growling in a variety of shades. Perhaps, this composition only strengthens the desire to listen to the whole album - then to listen it again and again! In the middle there are barely audible ritual spells of the priests, then in the instrumental part the drums are clearly manifested - as if the novices tap a rhythm on tambourines for the ritual dances of the priests.
A heavy exhalation, like a sigh of elements or whistle of steamboat's buzzer, begins Bon, then in a broken and changeable rhythm progressing its sound, leaving all indifferent aside. Vocals in the rough harsh joins to the instrumental canter in the verse, in the bridge the chorus of supporters is combined before the subsequent swift rush.
The whirlwind of mysterious, pulsating riffs begins to create The Black Wings of Shaman lace, rising after short-lived confidence in the imaginary heights of unimaginable mysteries. Unforgettable ethnic motives have intertwined with the modern, energetic sound in an exciting picture, revealing more and more shades. Well, in order not to indulge that spin out story - the band made very interesting video of this song: so look it and enjoy!
The ritual takes on a dancing image, adepts circling around the sacred flame, continuing to Scorpion Dance to praise their deity. The vocals become sterner, the harsh is supplemented with shramming insets and ritual conspiracies of shamans.
Music of Prey becomes more viscous and tougher, folklore motifs flows over the powerful and dense sound, then the vocal joins this mysterious musical essence.
Gently and melodiously, Lost Shadows (feat. Alex Frost) entrains with charming romantic atmosphere, vocal introduces the spirit of modernity and unforgettableness into these primitive rituals, alternating it with clean, harsh, screaming and various stylistic nuances of vocal parties. The wandering bard gives his passages charming images Last Temptation, which unite many roads and paths into a single musical canvas. Then the music alternates with confident, even and throbbing stories with rapid bursts of explosions. Further, stories of travel are inclined to the east, giving the spicy spirit of hot winds that brought a peculiar spirit of desert and spice. Well, since the spirits of desert spaces demanded attention, Ghosts of Sahara transmits their influence, slowly entering into the sun and heat, losing among unpredictable sand dunes and changeable dunes dancing dances with exhausted travelers.
Just hard, violent and powerful rhythm helps to escape from the shackles of heat, rushing in an energetic journey, without burdensome fatigue to new spaces, absorbing the energy of the sun and the destinies of ancient legends ... oh, the album has become lame. But, again - I want to listen it more and more, again and again!