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Listen to me! You have to keep silence!

May 21, 2017
Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence

Strange, diverse in its originality of issues can be resolved in one way, which will be completed as the Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence !
Ornate guitar urges, sharp streams in competition with vocal screams creates nervous start and Doris verses. Then the vocal falls into depressive discouragement, clean style nervously complementing the melodic guitar riffs So stubborn, pressing, persistent rhythm presses and strains, followed by buzzing melody and vocal styles dispute, alternating Silence from depressive clean to furious harsh vocals.
The broken, nervous musical zeal and nervous phrases of the screaming harsh vocals have replaced by mysterious and ornate phrases of clean vocals that demads to Listen to them. After the guitar solo, the music becomes heavier and with tough musical gloom, the violent growling complements the angry shades of musical rabies. At the end cosmic words demands to listen to them again.
The lyrical Dying in a Red Room introduction envelops the fog of depressive sadness, melancholic romance and dull dreams.
Sharp and powerful core sounds envelops us by the rumble of his musical onslaught, creating a confident and persistent Hold Me up, Hold Me Down drive!
Modern and variable musical delights asks to Run. Melancholic and depressive clean vocals with the brief harrsh inclusions have shrouded in various and competing guitar turns.
The Zero covers the fog of melancholic romance. In doubts, reflections and emotions the composition stretches, ending with a resolute and rigid vocal explosion, radiating various styles.
Melancholic, questionable vocal phrases intersect with melancholy, pleasant and gentle melody of Conformity. Then the enchanting, exciting guitar solo takes up completely, leaving melancholic ending just like the slight aftertaste after it.
After sad, thoughtful and melancholic ballads Don't Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself completes the album, combining explosions of violent drive with a thoughtful, detached and interrogative recitative.