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May 20, 2017
Umbra Noctis - Via Mala

It's hard to describe what everyone will hear in their own way, but Umbra Noctis - Via Mala have to ne listened! Here and so!
Restrained, all-embracing and enveloping from all sides, Nevica penetrating from all of the corners of mind and consciousness, not allowing other trends to reduce its influence! Vocal delights only expand this gap, replacing screaming with so emotional clean style!
Furious drive enslaves, and carries Il Sentiero Del Cervo on its vocals unrestrained rushes. Then the pace slows down, allowing the vocal confession to enthrall the average pace of its narration.
So restrained, significant and impressive narrative brings vocals to the forefront of Il Solco history, again and again supporting and raising his phrases with magnificent instrumental passages. Vocal is replacing from a balanced screaming into an emotional pure, muffled whisper - lot, diverse - but still remains in the foreground!
Viscously, muffledly, thoughtfully - Maree restrains emotional impulses. But they will not stop in the destruction of barriers, in the liberation from the permissive bondages as well!
Somnium is broken, fast, changeable tells us a vague intriguing story, again and again, invariably changing the rhythmic pattern. Clean vocals leads on the foregroumd of musical stream - song can be heard as the power metal artwork as well, but screaming vocals do not allowes that, overcomes it with the dark shades.
Power and fury break fetters and constraints, Nami crushes all obstacles with a furious and unrestrained drive! The power replaces the impetuosity with thoughtfulness, melodically and concentratively destroying all obstacles in its path. Before the final rush, clean vocals contribute to the crushing power of the last violent breakthrough as well!
Spirale completes the album in a whirlwind of dance, twisted around the main motif in diverse and polysemantic. Again and again, classic rock and metal riffs and motifs wovens into this vibrant composition, only supplementing its sound with the notes of the classics. Argh, that's great!