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Have forgot ancient sagas? Thor's hammer will hit you from the Valhalla

May 22, 2017
Orm - Orm

North wind spreads worldwide forgotten tales, Orm - Orm will remind a lot of them, again and again !
Starting with a fierce, powerful pushy drive, through which bright guitar passages flash with sparks, Blood Of Your Blood passes in the dispute of screaming and growling vocals, ending with mythical chants of imaginary fairies.
The breathtaking vortex of guitar ideas envelops the wraping atmosphere of Ancient Echoes intro, then turns into rushes and flashes. Vocal pacifies these jerks, subordinating one's power, dictating and affirming the changes in the rhythmic structure following the narrative.
The Temple Of The Deaf main motive immediately demonstrates the fact that will pierce as the leitmotif through the entire composition . After the inspired tunes of encouraging fairies, music is painted with dreamy and impressive motifs, bringing a bit of melodic sadness and experienced wisdom. These changes in the main motive are imbued with encouraging pressure and confident rush.
Starting with the tender and gentle acoustic guitar fingering break, Apotheosis hardens these soft and melodic delights into hard and heavy dark guitar insights. Then the competitions of screaming and growling increase the tempo, circling in a mysterious ancient dance around fierce instrumental motives. In the instrumental part, there comes a respite in these tournaments, the guitar slowly, thoughtfully and dreamily performs so melodic solo, entraining in the sky-high limits in the expanses of ancient legends and folk tales. Sharp, furious and swift flashes of vocal rage completes this saga at all.
A Tree Ablaze/Yggdrasil Braender completes the album with a rich, thorough and diverse and fascinating interpretation of the ancient beliefs and legends of ancient Vikings.