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Lion in the heart under blood red sky

August 07, 2016
Monument - Hair Of The Dog

It's necessary to live so that the state in the morning was not like Monument - Hair Of The Dog !
Without preparation and standby title track Hair Of The Dog starts the artwork. Quick and sharp, strongly promotes the main motive for further developments.
Sternly and firmly creates a tense atmosphere, Blood Red Sky fills everything around with crimson reflections. The tense mood in the average pace does not digress for a moment, recreating its spirit in a variety of versions.
Streets Of Rage does not give a break from the concentrated cold fury, increasing the speed of flying towards the further adventures, with no hope of tranquility, relaxation and serenity.
The hum of many voices, brought distant winds, fragments of ancient motifs begins Imhotep (The High Priest) story, which takes out from cage of ancient ages using the average pace, stopping in the middle with guitar and solo of another guitar. Then narration of the tale continues its further cours till the end.
Crobar retells the story of travelers, that pasts so many lands, experiences with different things and events. Their experience, fatigue and splashing the portion of melancholic wisdom combines with the music as well.
Predictable, but uncompromising Emily describes with average pace, its features and characteristics are combined with powerful rhythmic motif, bringing us into the world of indestructible walls.
Instrumental party uprise us above the clouds, otherwise we unable to set eyes on the Olympus. Guitar riffs resonate, extolling the up and up, soaring above the ordinary land.
A Bridge Too Far, but hope can not leave, you need to move forward without respite and rests. Rushes and gusts alternates, bringing a distant and necessary object closer and closer to us.
Lyrical melodic ballad Heart Of Stone tells about the pain of a broken heart, that yearns for love and understanding. Guitar fingering penetrates the solid stone with its dreamy tunes, vocals embodies its emotions in tough and meaningful shape.
After heavy battles and wanderings, meanness associates and other disasters of the Crusades Lionheart have to return to home, to maintain the throne of England and defeat all nefarious hidden enemies! Rapid return tirelessly demonstrates the need for the king to his native land, the guitar riffs brings his spirit to all of the enemies, that can only obey. Or will be losers!