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Void is immeasurable, invaluable and priceless

August 08, 2016
Sheidim - Shrines Of The Void

Can you feel the depth of the abyss? Construct and build up Sheidim - Shrines Of The Void in its honor !
The gloomy atmosphere envelops, depressing feelings and emotions, eclipsing all light sources by its effects. These results - the effect of the First Poison. Persistently and continuously affects the poison, poisoning the mind and consciousness, alternating fast and the average pace of its viscous oppressive sounds.
Dissecting with rhythmic beats title track Shrines Of The Void begins its course as well. Sudden rushes in the verse are replaced by slow melodic instrumental insert tames unruly thoughts. But furious rush returns till the end.
Legends and Tales of the Deviant Kingdom begins with leisurely melodic riff, that fostering the mind and calming anxiety. This riff pierce all legends as leitmotif of this chronicle.
Firmly and viscous intro, swaying like a swamp ogre or troll starts Sunken Nigredo. The pace is not faster than we need to amuse all around to treat from the current state. Alternating different paces and rhythms in strive to drawn consciousness and mind from the abyss.
Quiet, remote, labored breathing begins Amrita story, transporting us into a dark and gloomy place, alternating between thoughtful and persistent parts and sharp and rapid rush of furious rage. And the chorus repeatedly, emphatically and undeniably repeats the name.
Instruments, having stayed in fetters of the end of the last track splash out all the accumulated rage during the intro of the Without Veins. But long-simmering anger was enough for the aggressive and violent beginning, verse dreamy and quiet, preferring clarity of melody for the fierce gusts. But rage finds its place at the time of the bridges, and strive to materialize towards the end.
The last remnants of violent anger, irrepressible rage embodied in the begining of Remnants. But there is a limit for the swiftness and rabies - in the middle this turns into the remaining midtempo story, composition ends with lyrical and melodic guitar solos. Only at the very end - the last furious spurt!