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Like thoughts, consciousness and mind were packed in this box

March 13, 2020
Dispelled - The Box

Mysterious conjectures create an atmosphere of mystery, then the Black Roses guitar solo continues the given motives, exploding at the beginning of the Dispelled - The Box album with the unity of vocal and musical passages. Severe power and rage confidently and rigidly escalates the procession of the Buckshot evil march, escalating the vocal phrases of the harsh vocals, then raising the lighter trends of the harsh.
The title track The Box of the album intertwines the vocal and musical passages into a unity of medium-tempo dance. Father continues to roll with severe whirlwinds of a mid-tempo march, driving rhythmic feeds to a vocal procession, hardened to a restrained growling. Dances, musical variations and vocal mystery begins the Waltz dance with severe deep growling, weaving musical and vocal appeals in a waltz.
Appeals of the Till My Last Dying Breath clean vocals elevate awareness to an incredibly high level! A squeaky Beloved Death musical unconsciousness completes the album with painful thoughts, hardening the vocal part to a severe growling.