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Valkyries rise up in a blaze of radiant

March 12, 2020
Eden's Crown - Rise of the Valkyrie (EP)

The title track begins the Eden's Crown - Rise of the Valkyrie (EP) album with the sighs of comrade-in-arms, then the epic musical tune rolls the musical canvas with the influence of folklore shades, transforming it into a bewitching war saga, introducing the dreamy tunes of a singing lady on the wings of a bewitching symphony.
The soft tendencies of the Church of the Seer gentle ballad envelop the charming chants of female vocals with the cover of mesmerizing melody, complementing the charm of musical lace with an inspired guitar solo of the instrumental part. Continuing the bewitching romanticism of ballad tunes, the Song of Luna introduction flies to the expanses of folk sagas, then introduces a spirit of romanticism with inspired tunes of female vocals. Guitar solo influences rock music, interwoven with the vocals of a singing lady in a bewitching dance, enchanting with sublime romanticism. Folklore passage completes the composition.
Female vocals comes to the forefront of the musical image, raising up the thoughtful, filled with doubts and hopes phrases of the Freya's Prayer. But then the pulsation of the rhythm section, introducing a progressive complication and guitar riffs, introducing waves of hard drive into a leisurely musical procession, complete the song with some shades of oriental motifs. The sounds of the flowing brook and the soft tunes of the flute bring shades of peace, anticipating the female and male vocals intertwined in a duet, completing the album with gentle tunes of the My Journey Far song with full of charm of the spirits of nature. In the final part of the drive wave, the phrases of female vocals are raised to the crests.