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Light always generates shadow, smoke accompanying fire

December 14, 2018
Nocturnal Pestilence - Fire & Shade

Pulsating waves rolls the shaft of the The Perdition main motive, dreamy keyboard passages sparkle in a couplet, vocals begin with harsh screaming, rebelling with the sublime reflections of the clear voice of a singing lady, weaving together the two essences of the Nocturnal Pestilence - Fire & Shade album and this band's general.
Dark mist gloom of march rolls out a musical canvas of Labyrint Mysli dark anthem, vocals harshly and deeply hidden in the background veil without highlighting the lyrics in Czech language to the foreground.
Rolling in a dense wave of gloomy dark solemnity, The Blood music envelops demonic screaming with gloomy veils, then in the bridge the rhythm changes, anticipating the continuation of the gloomy hymn. But then the vocals change from dark screaming to clean-style dreamy phrases, raising the dreaming pleas of the singing lady to heaven.
The gloomy severe stream of the Endless Desires main motive intertwines with deep and brooding screaming in a fascinating waltz, compacting the sound before the introduction of pure vocal dreams, which are preceded by the majestic symphony of keyboard passages.
The Jupiter's Rage intro introduces a hint of hard blues, continuing with dark romance with the introduction of vocals. Then the rhythm accelerates and complements the composition with a wave of dark drive, shrouded in the instrumental bridge with thoughtful covers of keyboard passages.
The dark motive drive of the Trapped in Destiny main motive complements the violent phrases of vocal screaming and is covered in verses with enchanting covers of keyboard frills that recedes in instrumental bridges.
The majestic symphony LXXV (Deliverance) completes the album, embodying two contrasting musical streams - gloomy drive and romantic dreams in a single musical artwork.