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Let us revive the atmosphere of the creation of the worlds

January 22, 2018
Vexovoid - Call Of The Starforger

Space wanderings begins with thoughtful memories, combining in a meditative melodic guitar solo the preparation of the subsequent transformation of the bright musical material, which begins Vexovoid - Call Of The Starforger album by the Omega Virus composition, before the introduction of the vocal sweeping stream of violent drive. In the bridge instrumental meditations appears again enticing the mind, anticipating the intricate meditation of an alien being and the next splash of drive.
Transforming the sound in a fast race Infinite Collector combines many rays, pulses and a symbol in a single sparkling information flow that continues the space saga.
Rolling in the unhurried, concentrated maneuvers the incredible width of its diverse Quantic Rupture story incredibly intrigues the development of the composition. However, the development will follow already in the impetuous race of instrumental frills seeking to outrun the sharply accelerated vocal part.
Gently and thoughtfully unfolding the further flow of music in a thoughtful introduction, Waking Mars hardly and stubbornly develops its musical outline.
The Galaxy's Echoes introduction is enchanted in a leisurely atmospheric saga, twisted in the haze of stellar clouds. But then the vortexes of stellar currents are combined in changeable dances, transforming their energy into dazzlingly bright streams of progressive musical ideas.
The Prophet Of The Void main motive, surrounded by musical diversity, is swirling in a single, obscure stream that enthralls all thoughts into unimaginable distances in an uncontrollable musical drive. The pulsating rhythm of percussion and bass guitar is combined in an intriguing Hexaspark Fortress introduction, then a swift whirl of musical passages wreathes the marked motifs in a bright and fascinating musical image, which continues wonderfully and breathtakingly Dead Planets Throne, transforming this story in thoughtfully and unhurriedly pulsating rhythmic march. But again - it was just an introduction, anticipating an assault of unyielding drive. But the swift vortexes return to the meditations laid down in the introductory, supplementing them with vocal reflections.
The composition, which in view of the name The Starforger can be perceived as the title completes this cosmic saga. Its structure is predictable in that it contains both enchanting romantic melodies enveloping the consciousness with a pensive romantic atmosphere and explosions of a violent furious drive. Perhaps, this characterizes both the last composition and entire album as a whole.