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June 16, 2018
Prototype (USA) - Catalyst

Gently and restrainedly romantic melodies flow like Inceptum ghostly haze, hiding a mysterious whisper of invisible spirits in the obscure darkness, opening the Prototype (USA) - Catalyst album as the romantic introduction of the title track, carried away in an uncontrollable stream of questions and doubts, emotions flash in the vocals, weaving in the enchanted illusions of imaginary possibilities.
Starting as pensive romantic ballad Cynic Dreams continues to bend in a third-party romantic experience, then tightly and stubbornly pushing hard assurances, wrapped around with enchanting melodies - but again and again turning to inspiring emotional reflections.
Beginning with the doubting degeneration of the introductory riff of the previous composition, The Chosen Ones takes the vocal experiences to the forefront of the musical image, as if experiencing hidden doubts and conjectures again and again, searching for the right ways to solve the problems that appears again and again.
By driving a road sign and starting with a powerful driving break Illuminatum develops the same melody in tender instrumental reflections, returning to the motives of the introductory composition, My Own Deception continues this musical extravaganza enduring vocal emotions to the musical forefront while experiencing sensory experiences and thrilling bursts of unique experiences again and again.
Gloomily and rigidly beginning Into Oblivion confronts the contrasting vocal streams of a stern harsh and inspired clean vocals reflections, striving and finishing the dominant position in this song. Especially fascinated by melodic bridges and instrumental improvisations.
Guitar passages intertwines with the tunes choruses of the servants on the Impetus background, continuing with a significant and velvet ballad, growing into a dense and annoying mid-tempo composition in the Gravity Well verses, and returning to the proud anthem in bridges and choruses.
Bursting with the uncontrollable streams of vivid drive, the The Ageless Heart Of Memory vocals restrains the musical outline with thoughtful reflections, but the guitar passages burst from the restraining framework, seeking to break the narrowing restrictions squeezed by the vise of vocal directions.
By hovering in confident assaults a pulsating militant march Exiled rolls along the chosen path, not allowing to get off the chosen road, tightly and rigidly choosing further musical images.
The album ends with the most progressive Communion composition, referring to the fusion of artistic jazz influences and powerful driving waves of severe metal trash, charmingly and admirably combining them in an unforgettable song.