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June 30, 2018
Swanmay - Stoner Circus

The title track of the Swanmay - Stoner Circus album creates a magnificent combination of playful play, theatrical melodies and an epic appeal to unknown heroes, preceded by a powerful and harsh ending, the subsequent mating and thrilling musical treacle of the album. Viscous and elongated motifs continue Sylvan song, pensively reflecting the tightened vocal phrases in the verses, exploding with emotions in the chorus, followed by a splash of drive, rolling with dense waves of instrumental bridges, bringing changes in sound. Blowing away in a tight race drive into the introduction, Four.Two.Zero then returns to the mid-tempo story, diluted with blues notes.
Opening the charming notes of the main motive in the introduction Lake on Fire again and again complements its rhythmic structure. Vocal introduces mystery and mystery into the composition, returning to the main motive again and again in the choruses.
So High / So LowRolling out the spindle of the introduction, the vocal part swings with a musical lace an freedom-loving and free narrative that calls for throwing back the barriers, breaking the bonds and rushing to unrestrained freedom. But the album continues with stiff and viscous musical shackles, enchanting mysterious, wise and meditative melodies of the Dopechild instrumental saga.
Complementing the gloomy and constrained sound of the previous instrumental suite, Dharma drives the waves of drive, supplementing these disturbing musical trends with the emotional tendencies of nervous vocal.
Bringing to the fore the weary reflections of the vocals squeezes the epic saga into a viscous stream of a viscous musical pulsing march, as if squeezing the legends of the ancient bards with a mechanized conveyor belt, tying the clipped melodies. But the guitar solo throws fences, unclamps manipulators and rushes free-stream of magic melody to the final of the Padawan composition.
Mysteriously and ingratiatingly starting with a proud march, Shiva concludes the album importantly and meaningfully, the vocal develops its part - like the reflections of an ancient lord. However, the marvelous melody of the guitar solo discards any doubts in the charming sound of this composition, very successfully and fabulously completing the album.