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Sand rustling, driven by a breath of wind, forever and ever in these lands

December 16, 2016
Arkan - Kelem

Amidst unexplored lands of unknown, where Arkan - Kelem hidden you can relax, gain strength and knowledge!
Kafir patterns slowly arises, ornamental writing coils around the main motif, vocals whining and emotionally upset - as though transmits the heat of the desert, exalts frustration.
The dispute, controversy interrupt each other during intro of the Nour with the introduction of naive clean male vocals turns into lyric canvas, that combines the romantic mood with sad leitmotif, passing like blade through the entire composition. Growling vocals and childs speaches takes their part close to the end of the trask to enrich the thoughts.
Delicate and gentle acoustic guitar strings starts The Call with its ringing, then the ringing of strings gains electrical power oriental folklore motives are added, vocals combined in these vortices - motes dancing in the hot wind, the sun enhancing support evil growl Sadness and melancholy breaks narrator's consciousness in Cub Of The Caliphate story, pain and sadness envelops his words, as if complementing torment and sorrow deeper and deeper in his mind.
Rage and anger overflows Erhal from the beginning, it makes a flesh of phrases and riffs that radiated hot fury around, creates tough basis for the emotional thoughtfull speech in the chorus. They will fight to survive!
Acoustic guitars strings fingering gently and melodical in the Eib, that serves as introduction in Just A Lie, romantic lyrical ballad carrying us away into false space of innuendo, misleading, distortion and poisonous lies.
Soft dreamy story begins Beyond The Wall with acoustic gitar strings fingering, then emotional clean vocals adds shades of its phrases to that romantic image, that turn into nervous swift rush. And folk chant with acoustic strings ends the tale at all.
Title track Kelem sounds like rhythmic blows, that constructs the path into the future while driving the words as stones of the solid roadway for the next generations.
Whirls in a mysterious dance, vocals and guitar envelops with vortex images which shows thatCapital City Burns, mixing at the end oriental folkloric chants with vicious fury of growling vocals.
Onerous, somber intro As A Slave generates an oppressive atmosphere, created by Jasmine Harvest fully surrounding sound with ornaments of folk motifs, billowing hot winds vortices of rugged black flags. Blotches of female phrases only complement the gloomy depression, that finalizes whole album with a lot of various thoughts... the gentle melody, that fully combines orchestra of strings and wind instruments, completes thoughts with the beautiful sublime melody after a pause.