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There's no dark sides for any asks - just accomplishe all your tasks

May 14, 2016
Kliodna - The Dark Side

Intro starts indelibly mysterious atmosphere of the Kliodna - The Dark Side Title title track? Questions, so many questions! Listen to Kliodna to get your own answer on all of that questions! As for me - the great deals for a great tasks!
Powerful, dense entry opens Road To Anywhere to further achievements, that powerful voice of singer explains to the listener - there's a lot of doors, roads, paths - you have to choose the correct!
Keyboards begins, guitars maintain their rampage in the intro of the I'll Do The Haunting. Keyboards passes the main way, vocals and guitars support their way into all the song, mainly vocals that done!
Symphonical bard song starts Night Symphony with their flows 'till other instruments takes their parts in that ballad to take its way into all spheres of the mind. As for me - the best song for all that artwork. Oh, well - just for me!
Harshed raged starts Blood In The Sea in anticipation of viking sea chants sung by valkyrian voice.
Mysterious keyboard dreamy passage started, until guitars joins that path in the Dead Princess Dreams. Next vicious female voice joins that mythical rite with her inexplicable forces. In the middle we heard instrumental oblivion. Then the vicious voice overruled all for its power!
Northern symphony opens the way for the Northern Wolf to go further. Whereever he wants? Or not? Listen to that pace tempo marched narration to understand that for yourself and... for that wolf, or not?
Nice, beautiful, lyrical melody output guitars and keyboards at the beginning of Frozen Soul. The soul freezes in anticipation, the body is weak in dreams. Or vice versa? Great ballad! Maybe - was hasted about "best song for me" :)
Rhythm, pace, or what starts that ask - Set Me Free? Questioner rhythmically, slowly, thoughtfully crying out immediately! Then the requirement is injected power and speed, without waiting for the prompt response. But - for a short time. Then - that sequences repeated! Give the freedom for all of them! Argh!