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Legends, ages - eternity flows among all veins with the blood forever and ever!

April 07, 2017
Horn (Deu) - Turm Am Hang

You can not understand everything and always, but Horn (Deu) - Turm Am Hang will complement your perception with your shades!
Fury and anger are embodied in a single impulse, creating a powerful flow Alles In Einem Schnitt that carries us through space and time! He will not stop at any obstacle, sweeping it into oblivion.
Power of Turm Am Hang envelops with continuous whirlwind of thought, battle and desire to fight! I lack only one thing - to merge with them in a single rush with arms. ARGH!
March! Zig haill! No - do not go, let them call us and push! Will not go! Power, fury and anger rise in every word, are reborn and reborn among thoughts, sounds and images of the Verhallend In Landstrichen. The blood of the Vikings is bubbling in our veins, we will revive these military impulses, we turn the necks of those who are interfering with us!
Gitar fingering with gentle, outstanding melodies and charming chants starts Die Mit Dem Bogen Auf Dem Kreuz... then a musical splash creates a flash that evokes vocal phrases - but the main motive does not change, it only transformes!
The main motive, regardless of the understanding of speeches, A(H)Renschnitter is capturing, enslaving and weakening resistance. Then the vocals complement what was done, with their phrases aggravating the deeds!
The thought flies, stretching on the wings of the north winds, without trying to avoid any counteraction. Then the thought is nevertheless refracted, accompanied by vocal conjectures and our perception of Totenraumer. Then vocals replaces with clean vocals for abit (then again and again), music, march past - this is only a respite before the final rush as well!
The instrumental saga Lanz Und Spieb captivates, enslaves thoughts. It makes you think only about what follows after its sound. Persistently, rigidly, without being distracted by even the slightest manifestations of pity, Bastion, Im Seegang Tauber Fels introduces his demands to the public court, combining harsh, grinding screeching and purging of vocals. Argh, how I envy for that!
Starting with shifting the melody from one tray to another, The Sky Has Not Always Been This Way (When Bitter Spring Sleeps Cover Song) completes the album thoughtfully and with restraint. But this only combines the melody in a restrained channel, re-introducing it again and again. Clean vocals recreates the ancient legend, combined with a group of followers.