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Law and order? Let the chaos reigns all around

October 23, 2017
Occultum - Towards Eternal Chaos

The viscous and stiff sounding End Of The Light plunges us into the abyss of an incredible horror Occultum - Towards Eternal Chaos , a whirlwind of musical horror hovers around us with enchanting gloom, cramming thoughts with a terrible fear. Then the vocals change, aspiringly in a stream of unrestrained drive to the triumph of evil and chaos.
The same dense and restrictive introduction begins In Saecula Saeculorum Tenebrae, then the music circling in a deadly dance is combined with playing shades of screaming, from time to time supplementing it with notes of growling, vocals.
Horror and fear embraces from all sides, a familiar and unforgettable melody Satan's Era bursts out of the veins, unrestrained panic sweeps the mind, fettering consciousness with invisible burning bindings.
The gloomy dark symphony Anthem Of The Fallen World pays tribute and honors to the gloom shrouded the world, grovels before the evils of evil. The vocals alternate with a deep growling on the verge of a clean and sharp, emotional screaming.
The Black Quintessence main motive from the very beginning shrouds a memorable, spectacular and exciting melody, never for a moment releasing attention from its tenacious embraces.
Reflections with hiding clean vocals, along with thoughtful guitar motives, begins Abomination music. Then the stern vocal phrases and the power around them prepare an irresistible wave of black drive.
A stiff and viscous composition Gehinnom Gate completes the horror festival, the chains of fear and frightening black abyss, alternating vocal styles in a leisurely musical brew