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Demons, demons - our task is to enslave the world!

October 24, 2017
Get The Shot - Infinite Punishment

Zealously and swiftly Faith Reaper begins the album Get The Shot - Infinite Punishment after the brief horrific intro Purgation, furiously and aggressively thundering everything around, sometimes changing the pace from speedy to measured, distracting the attention of the opponent. But again and again continuing to destroy everything around. >!
The viscid, haggard end of the previous composition is embodied in the crushing shock march of entry Waging Death, driving its sound into the mind with powerful explosions of musical fury. Vocals entering somewhat accelerates the tempo, but the angry power only incarnates at a more rapid pace, in the chorus the vocal takes on a leading role in this destructive impulse.
Darkness and horror envelop all around because of Blackened Sun, sharp jerks in search of light, cautious experiences and unimaginable anxiety envelop all around.
Hellbringer continues the style of the previous composition, only the vocals triumphantly injects horror, sharply and sternly broadcasts in the verses, completing these speeches with vicious, clean phrases at the end of the parts.
As if the infernal machine grinds everything around, Absolute Sacrifice shreds surrounding life with its sound, leaving nothing in the foreseeable space.
Short composition Demon Stomp powerfully and unhurriedly unwinds its instrumental outline, followed by a vocal festival Evil Rites, alternating with a sharp rushing harsh with severe, deep growling in vocals performances.
Dimensional power Eternal Decay painstakingly pours its way, rolling in a restrained wave of undeniable power, the vocals diversify this shaft with various shades of its sound.
Profaner continues the celebration of dark impenetrable power, fettering any attempts to resist the black power, entangling on all sides with ghostly threads. And in this impenetrable gloom the spirit of vocal experiments reigns.
That's all! We've had enough mighty reflections! The introduction is sharp and swift, but the vocals again bring in Slayed Kings music fraction of the reflections, fettering with frantic severity, accompanied by a chorus of adepts.
The album ends with a completely atypical composition for this style, but Den Of Torments fits perfectly into the artwork conception. Vocal instead of sharp harsh becomes depressed pure, the music envelops with detached melodism - this is typical for the doom metal. But the composition is completed by a distorted and furious vocal.