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Killed your mentor - have to be revived and reborn in your deeds

March 26, 2016
Amon Amarth - Jomsviking

In the beginning of history - it starts who committed the First Kill, exiled and outcasted from clan! Thus begins the Amon Amarth - Jomsviking. Pace typed Wanderer slams his steps to the ground and the end of his narrative melodic and dreamy.
Entry On A Sea Of Blood tightened, next you can hear pertinacious and unbroken character, which can't be stoped by any sorts of obstacles on his way.
Thrashy beats indicates - One Against All. He is honest and sincere - you are either with them or against ... for everyone! According to choral inserts in bridges and chorus - it does not itself there is someone with him!
You can relax by drinking ale or wait for every better thing - or can Raise Your Horns to encourage fellows and go on without a break, go on!
Don't settled yet or ale ended? Then follow The Way Of Vikings, "fight untill you dyin' there", to victory ... or to the infinite reserves of ale! According to guitar solo - guitarist found the last! Doesn't agree ?! "You will be killed like an enemy!"
The rapid and rhythmic beginning of the At Dawns First Light interrupted by the phrase, and then rushes further, tearing, hammering and imprinting stuff in skulls of doubters !
One Thousand Burning Arrows, confession in the ballad - not in the church, when the priest can't see your face, that's on the road with no beginning and no end in sight. Going through valleys and mountains - and you can hear the gods, gods can hear you! Your confession - for the gods!
Vengeance Is My Name - name contains the recognition. The blamestorm spits out the rage and fury.
Mystical spirits came to A Dream That Cannot Be (feat. Doro Pesch). The dream isn't feasible? Or maybe you have to try it? Oh! SUCCEEDED!
Your ship cuts waves and their gloss breached your comfort? You have to Back On Northern Shores if you want to know more about spirits of these waves. North in you, you're from the North!