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There's no spots of blood you meet - 1 shot, 1 hit!

March 26, 2016
Artillery - Penalty By Perception

Blues beats the steps in intro...wild-wild west, cowboys with their stuff? No, In Defiance Of Conformity have started Artillery - Penalty By Perception. Oriental Live By The Scythe continues progressively that narration with the rumblemitt of their blows.
Dancing jumping or leaping, I just heard Penalty By Perception, title track of this pieco of destruction.
Drum roll counts the minutes... or seconds at the beginning of Mercy Of Ignorance - if you're like piece of meat - there's no mercy for your deaeds!
Verse of Rites Of War moving in the volatile rhythm, but the chorus slows down. Rattles, castanets - from dusk of Sin Of Innocence till dawn of Innocence. Keyboard reveals melodic component of the album, guitar tries to interfere, but only trying to do that in When The Magic Is Gone ballad. And where's magic fades?!
There's no part to be unchaind to be accumulate in a Cosmic Brain. All have to be collected and measured! And Deity Machine can done this piece of work by it's oriental motives. Belief does not tell, the priest does not show the way? Maybe - Path Of The Atheist...slow, sticky - that's your way!
Getting into march beat , under guitar trill mourners out all the way - Welcome To The Mind Factory! Release your mindflow from all things that caged it in the shapes of morale ...or, whatever!