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Justice has its own weapon

May 28, 2019
Thor (CAN) - Hammer of Justice

Rolling in waves of mid-tempo drive Beginning of the End begins the Thor (CAN) - Hammer of Justice album with a relentless march. Warp 5000 continues the musical narration with a fast-moving thriller, full of changeable emotions and vocal narration, sometimes enveloping you with an epic atmosphere.
Developing fabulous trends and complementing the epic atmosphere of the atmosphere Return of the Thunderhawk pays homage to the classic trends of epic metal music. Victory continues to develop the same style, referring to the melodies of medieval knightly tournaments.
Pulsating like a heartbeat, drumming intrigues into the introduction of the As the Dragon Flies gallant heroic ballad that honors dragons and epic tales.
Twisting the stubborn march with the influences of the anthem and disturbing experiences, It's Our Right retains the gallant stubbornness of the pulsating rhythm and is kept on the verge of average tempo.
Waves of twilight trends return to the fabulous limits, erecting steps of the narration in a verse and elevating the importance of calling the Beyond the Wall composition in the chorus.
Rush and rage are carried away in Destroyinator rampant drive, anticipating the title track Hammer of Justice by a stern fighter, pulsing in the title track with a majestic march extolling ancient tales.
Majestic romance envelops the Wotan tales of ancient Vikings with enchanting significance, then The End completes the album with thoughtful romance, while preserving the ballad style of the narrative.