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Everything wonderful can be turned into the ruins

May 27, 2019
Marianas Rest - Ruins

Confession and confessions open the gates of musical narration of the Marianas Rest - Ruins album, then the Kairos composition alternates explosions of emotional drive and painful reflections, sometimes changing them so unexpectedly.
Acoustic guitar strings fingering with a distant thunderstorm in the background begins the The Spiral song as a ballad. In the future, the melody becomes stronger and more severe, the vocals become hardened from pensive clean to emotional growling, rallying in a meaningful anthem.
The epic narration of the Hole in Nothing songs begins with an inspired and magnificent saga, then the distant winds invoke the spirit of wandering, rising from the gloomy expanses and harsh blizzard with a deep growling of vocals entwined with the covers of the main motive.
The main motive of The Defiant composition is woven with the threads of the mystical atmosphere, the vocals complement the enchanting act with harsh and meaningful phrases.
Weaving a fascinating lace of musical charm, the passages create a fascinating picture, the vocals are connected to this process in the created interlacing of charming impulses. But the music retreats for the sake of vocal phrases in verses, weaving together in the Unsinkable chorus.
The fascinating sacrament of musical passages creates the silhouette of the main motive, leading to the ascension of the name of the Shadows composition in the chorus.
Romantic tunes and melodies raise sensual experiences in the romantic sacrament of the introduction, then developing them into the main motive of the Restitution composition, with a mesmerizing sensual and romantic atmosphere. Omega completes the album with a mid-tempo anthem in which music sets the direction, and vocal experiences complement its emotional undertones, although music dominates the musical image.