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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

May 29, 2019
Misanthropy - Path Of Ashes

The witch conducts Summoning ritual, calling on demons to begin the Misanthropy - Path Of Ashes album. Then the demonic rage erupts into freedom, twisted in the mad gusts of the Arsonist violent demonic rage. Viscous, meaningfully and majestically, Hell's Gate opens, releasing the undead and the fiend of darkness, breaking into the human world, combining the shriek of demonic screaming and the addition of hell growling.
The pulsating waves of a mid-tempo drive are overwhelmed by the irresistible power of The Fallen violent thriller, restraining the poses of swift rabies.
Beginning with twilight romanticism with the introduction of vocals Non Perfect Symmetry pumps up waves of furious anger, rolling with unrestrained waves of dark rage in a swift drive. Paying honor and praise Father Of Blood song rolls in waves of dark anthem, enveloping darkness and the triumph fiend. But then the musical flow is carried away in impetuous swiftness, but the instrumental bridge returns the bass guitar solo to a medium tempo, but again the guitar solo takes off in a dark race.
The epic tale of the Lavinia composition acts as a separate artwork, enveloping twilight ghosts and combining in its sound an incredible variety of styles and genres, sometimes carrying it into transcendental distances with charming melodies. Toxic Race acts as a stream of fierce drive after an epic narrative, demolishing all obstacles in the way of its deadly sound.
Combining a furious drive and an epic narration in a single musical image, Shooting Before You Ask unites such contrasting musical entities that it fascinates and attracts to repeated listening!
Pulsating waves of dark grandeur roll with a confident anthem of gloomy triumph, starting with composing vocals phrases of the Merciless Vengeance composition, but then the music tends to fly away on the wings of a black dragon in a rapid flow of furious drive. But the guitar solo in the instrumental bridges returns to the fabulous covers of the average tempo, returning again and again. Ride Fast, Die Fast is carried away in a stream of impetuous swiftness, madly and furiously violently in deadly rage, then It's All Over completes the album with a short romance.