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Just American band

July 29, 2020
BPMD - American Made

Rebellious the Wang Dang Sweet Poontang vocals appeals set the mood of drive in the sound of the BPMD - American Made album, in some way weaving together several musical styles. The Toys in the Attic complements the sound with faster musical bursts. The Evil complements the musical image with the charm of blues with southern notes and vocal resentment.
Condensing the rhythm Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers strides with music and vocals in alternation of styles and delivery. Continuing the rhythmic condensation, the Saturday Night Special adds even more hot spice to the sound, progressively breaking the rhythm and vocal phrases. Pumping a rhythmic burst into the intro's heartbeat, the Tattoo Vampire then becomes incredibly southern.
Visually and painfully continuing the style of the previous songs, the bD.O.a. captivates with the sound of a guitar solo. The Walk Away complements the music with a mid-tempo riot. Exploding with the Never in My Life urge of unrestrained rebellion, the then enchants with the union of hardened vocals with lounge charm. Combining drive and thoughtfulness together, the We're an American Band ends the album with mid-tempo inspiration.