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Dark waters complement the mystery of twilight

July 30, 2020
Vvilderness - Dark Waters

The title track begins the Vvilderness - Dark Waters album with an acoustic charm of majestic melody, entwining with sparkling lace of artistic charm the inspired tunes of a singing lady, then at times hardening musical passages with the fury of male screaming, while retaining the charm of incredible melody.
Beginning with a soft chime of acoustic romance, the Danu's Tears then alternates between similar musical fragments with furious whirlwinds of frantic drive. The Mist Pillars '19 then inspiredly combines such transformations, containing the frenzy of screaming, into the mesmerizing solemnity of an epic ballad.
Pointing the path of development of the main motive in the introduction It Comes With the Rain then complements these musical motifs with vocal phrases, combining music and vocals in the inspired greatness of the epic saga.
Complementing the softness of the guitar solo with the folklore influences of the tunes of bagpipes Havasok / Snowy Mountains then builds up waves of restrained drive and hardens the musical narration, complemented by the vocal part, with a certain acceleration of the tempo, while remaining, however, within the framework of the mid-tempo saga.
The self-titled, corresponding to the name of the band, the Wilderness composition completes the album, mysteriously and unhurriedly enveloping in a mysterious haze of obscure premonitions of instrumental calmness of mystical enigma.