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Jokers seek revenge for salvation

October 09, 2021
Skid Life - Awake

The title composition begins the musical narration of the Skid Life - Awake album by the embodiment of incredible artistry and the diversity of musical styles and genres embodied in long-term sound. The Salvation song slows down the pace to a dense, rigid and rhythmic mid-tempo battle march, continuing the sound in the Corrupted composition, in which the vocal party and its emotionality takes greater importance.
By inflecting the vortex of the guitar solo, the expectation of the rapid drive, the Joker anticipates the entry of vocals by the embodiment of fans' expectations. The Seek Revenge gives the dominant position to changes and variations of the vocal batch, changing the timbre and sound again and again. The Rock Bottom after the intro's guitars solo continues similar sound style.
Confidently, persistently and insurmountable the Lockdown song is marching along the path laid by its main motive. The mysterious romanticity of the Bennu intro creates an intriguing atmosphere of further musical development embodied in the vortices of the mid-tempo drive, which spares the rhythm section by guitar riffs. The Waiting For Doom song combines the power and drive with fragments of a dreamy romantic atmosphere, complementing it with rhythmic militia and energies of oriental motives. The Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath cover) completes the album to give respect to the legends of music and rethinkting their creativity.