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Nightmares sometimes comes to dreamers

October 08, 2021
Doctor Smoke - Dreamers And The Dead

Twilight mid-tempo musical passes create an intriguing atmosphere of the Reborn Into Darkness intro, then enveloping charging vocal phrases with whims of guitar riffs. The These Horrid Things composition continues the musical story of the Doctor Smoke - Dreamers And The Dead album with a dense and rhythmic march. The exciting sound of the Waking Dreams main motive carries in the vortex of fantasies and dreams.
The whirlwind of guitars riffs wraps inspired vocals reflections in the racing of the rapid drive. But the chorus pacifies the swiftness of the sound, putting forward the vocal party to the forefront of the Out Of Time musical image. The Been Here Forever music tale gives epic echoes of ancient legends, wrecking sound with symphonic charm of keyboards. The What Lies Beyond saga continues the stylistics of the previous composition, complementing the instrumental fragments of the sparse vortices of guitar solo.
The title composition Dreamers And The Dead returns to the unity of twilight zagadnost and a restrained drive. Guitar solo of the instrumental part enchants with artistry and mystery. The Vexed and The Rope songs brings the vocal party to the forefront of the musical image, summing up with musical fragments with the help of sonorous guitar riffs. The This Hallowed Ground composition wars the album, completing the main vocal background vocal support.