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Allegory of the Abyss

October 10, 2021
Withering Soul, 2021 -  Last Contact

Starting with a musical intrigue, the Visitation composition sets the mysteriousness to the further development of the Withering Soul - Last Contact album, embodied in the harsh vocala appeals of the Allegory of the Void song, in which the vocals are severely and significantly indicates the further path.
The Carrion Reflection immediately explodes with a violent swirl driver, but then returns to medieval meditation with a harsh vocal background, rejoicing the vortices of the instrumental drive. Acoustic accession complements the sound of thoughtfulness, anticipating the further progressive development of musical variations of the Of Blackened Pillars song.
Surgo, thoughtfully and viscoous Ascent to Madness comoposition marching the musical path of unclear mysteriousness, varying the sound of various musical shades. The Into the Harrowing Expanse combines music and vocals in fascinating union with east scenes and artistic addition of bright guitar solo.
After the drum fraction, the The Transcendence of Night progressively and fascinatingly knocks the march of the battle march, sometimes breaking into the rapid whirlwind of a violent musical rage drive. The Uncharted Course completes the album with an epic musical fairy tale.